Terms & Conditions

If, due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control, we are unable to run the course on the day specified, you will be offered an alternative date.  If no suitable alternative can be arranged, a full refund of the course fee will be given. 

No refund of any other expenses incurred by you in connection with this course will be given, and no liability accepted by us for any consequential loss caused by any re-arrangement or cancellation.

If after booking you cancel for any reason, a refund of the course fee, less 10% administration fee, will be given, provided written cancellation is received by us not less than fourteen days before the date of commencement of the course. In no other case will refunds of the course fee be given.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Cheshire Cat Training is committed to achieving excellence in Health and Safety Management. To achieve this requires the co-operation of all our staff and clients.

This policy, supported by procedures and guidance, must be applied to all activities carried out by Cheshire Cat Training.

Cheshire Cat Training will:

Cheshire Cat Training will do this by:

Cheshire Cat Training will do everything that is reasonable and practicable to conform to this policy.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

It is the responsibility of the Principal to set and monitor the Health and Safety procedures of Cheshire Cat Training.

Instructors and other staff are responsible for ensuring that the required standards are maintained in their areas of operation.

Clients are responsible for complying with all instructions and guidance in ensuring their own safety and the safety of others.